Box is an enterprise content management platform built to organize content, collaborate and manage document lifecycles - while delivering a great user experience. And Box is quickly becoming the platform of choice for enterprises building content-centric applications, with Box providing the underlying storage, security, compliance and metadata services.

One could argue that as cloud based applications and services were on the rise, it left a technology gap for document scanning capabilities. Either because the designers of these applications were unaware of the need for document scanning, or thought it to be irrelevant, or both. Scanning was an after thought. It was a multi step process typically with the use of a thick client application to scan, save the file to a local drive, and then send it to "the cloud". That has all changed!

ImageTrust, an enterprise class web-based capture platform, has filled the technology gap making scanning an exceptionally pleasant experience for using Box as an ECM platform, and for Box to have an innate ImageTrust capture client.

There are two ways in which ImageTrust works with Box. Both with unique capabilities making Box an extremely productive cloud-based ECM solution.


While working in box you can now easily scan and import documents in one easy step.This eliminates the multi-step of scanning outside of Box then uploading.

  • Compatible with all Twain and ISIS scanners
  • Reads barcode for document breaks
  • Import eDocs of all file types
  • Insert / Replace / Append pages
  • Inspect / Split / Merge / Rotate
  • Output as Searchable PDF
Documents are immediately available in the folder you are working in
ImageTrust Batch Capture

For mission critical business processes or centralized high volume scanning, ImageTrust exports document specific index metadata to Box, enabling users to search for documents directly within box. This is an extremely powerful tool that box now offers.

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