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Datacap Taskmaster Accounts Payable Capture was built to automate data entry from invoices and other business documents to reduce cost and accelerate AP process efficiencies.

Datacap Taskmaster Accounts Payable Capture is a solution for AP automation, to help corporate and government AP professionals eliminate labor-intensive invoice handling and manual data entry.
  • Extracts invoice data with optical character recognition (OCR) to reduce manual data entry
  • Identifies each vendor invoice by a combination of pattern matching, key word and rules-based data location – no template set-up required, Taskmaster learns new vendor layouts on-the-fly
  • Applies advanced validations - database lookups, math calculations, and check sums - to assure accurate data
  • Enables configuration and modifications without expensive programming
  • Delivers data and images to FileNet Content Manager
  • Integrates with ERP systems for vendor lookups and delivery of accurate data for payment
  • Supports line item capture, multiple page invoices, and purchase order line item reconciliation
  • Provides advanced reporting, real time monitoring and other management tools
  • Operating systems supported: Windows
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Datacap Taskmaster Capture automates input of data from documents to reduce cost and accelerate document process efficiencies.

Datacap Taskmaster Capture is the onramp to enterprise content management (ECM). It helps you eliminate labor-intensive document preparation and manual data entry to streamline document processing and indexing.
  • Extracts machine print, handprint, checkbox and bar code data with multiple recognition engines (OCR/ICR, OMR) to reduce manual data entry
  • Identifies document type by pattern matching, key word and rules-based data location – no template set-up required, Taskmaster learns new document types on-the-fly
  • Applies advanced validations, such as database lookups, math calculations, and check sums, to assure accurate data
  • Enables design and deployment of complex capture applications without expensive programming
  • Delivers data and images to IBM FileNet Content Manager (P8)
  • Datacap Taskmaster Capture for Accounts Payable is designed specifically for robust corporate AP automation, with line item capture, support for multiple page invoices, and purchase order line item reconciliation
  • Provides advanced reporting, real time monitoring and other management tools
  • Operating systems supported: Windows
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DB2® Content Manager supports multiple operating systems, databases, and applications.
- The servers are supported in the Sun Solaris, AIX®, Windows NT®, Windows® 2000 and Linux® environments.
- The client is supported in Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium, and Windows XP environments.
- Workflow supports document routing and a graphical process builder. It also integrates the Enterprise Edition with Process Choreographer.
- Records enabling integrates DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition and DB2 Records Manager so customers can digitally manage the lifecycle of business information.
- Based on industry standards and internet protocols, the system is also designed to be fully open to any application.
- The multi-tier distributed architecture and logical separation of applications, indices, and data provides application independence from any changes in the location of data.

Document management capabilities make it easy to work with electronic office documents in DB2 Content Manager.
- Version control manages multiple versions of documents and objects, including multiple versions of specific document annotations.
- ODMA support allows easy document access from ODMA V2.0-compliant Windows desktop applications.
- Multivalue attributes allows documents and other content types such as audio clips to be identified by multiple authors or composers.
- Index Class subsets allow system administrators to protect sensitive information by restricting views to specific subsets
- Resource Manager replication allows remote locations to have local copies of centrally stored documents.
- LAN Cache provides the ability to designate a Resource Manager as a LAN cache server -- for superior location management of stored documents. Selected objects (defined by the user) can be copied to this cache, providing quick access.

IBM® Workplace™ Web Content Management combined with Content Manager delivers a scalable solution with a scalable interface.

Rich Media or Digital Asset Management supports the IBM OPEN Digital Media Framework.
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IBM Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms V8.5 adds enhanced reporting, analysis, indexing, and security capabilities.

  • Enhanced reporting and analysis for improved management of the OnDemand system
  • Improved productivity with indexing enhancements for AFP and PDF data
  • Expanded security capabilities to enable you to better comply with your corporate security requirements
    • Support for Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data transmission
    • Support for SSL communication with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    • Enhanced password support (FIPS 140-2)
  • Expanded support for multiple concurrent languages including multiple language folder field names and Unicode enhancements
  • Support for multiple Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) servers
  • Support for HP Itanium® for IBM DB2 and Oracle
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DB2® Document Manager provides document management services for all types of documents.

Compound documents are comprised of multiple components such as a Microsoft® Word document with an embedded Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and an embedded GIFF image. Each component's lifecycle and security is managed by DB2 Document Manager individually while the appropriate interrelationships are maintained. The interrelationships of managed components may effect the retention of individual components. Through its integration with IBM® DB2 Records Manager, DB2 Document Manager ensures that appropriate business rules are applied when related documents of record are processed. Compound document services:

- relate individual components with each other to create a single, virtual, entity
- maintain referential integrity of component relationships
- support XML instances with components
- provide version control for the components as well as the single entity
- deliver an easy to use Web-based client to create, search, and browse documents (simple or compound) and navigate through the interrelationships

Lifecycle Services manages the state and security of a document throughout its life. It provides:
- configurable, rules-based Lifecycle Services
- simple, menu-driven administrative interface
- revision level document control
- automated change management
- drag and drop state control

Web-based End-User Interface extends and simplifies user interaction with the document library with:
- Explorer-like interface
- extensive foldering capabilities to organize documents
- complex searches may be defined and associated with a unique folder
- messaging awareness
- easy and complete configuration

Application integration surfaces the strength of the repository through everyday business applications. It lets administrators and users
- exchange property values between Microsoft Office documents and the library
- automatically detects related components and add them to the library
- provide administrator flexibility in assigning DB2 Document Manager commands to applications
- supported applications include Microsoft Office 2000 and XP, Lotus® Notes®, Microsoft Outlook, AutoCAD 2000 and above, MicroStation, AutoVue, Myriad

Item Loader (formerly named the Bulk Loading Facility) simplifies and secures document loading. It
- provides unattended batch loading of documents into the library
- includes support for CAD documents and reference files
- automatically detects document relationships
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DB2® Records Manager builds upon sound recordkeeping and brings an application-enabling engine approach to e-records management. It provides one central location for record classification and retention policies. It is a solution for organizations that need to:

- demonstrate compliance with US Government standard DoD 5015.2 - STD June 2002
- improve management controls over both electronic and physical records
- apply retention and disposition management to electronic and physical information

The tools and modules let customers and Business Partners:
- apply complete lifecycle management to information assets.
- apply records management consistently in a manner that is non-intrusive to current business practices and IT environments and
- deliver a single e-records solution integrated across multiple applications -- including IBM® and non-IBM systems and Windows® and non-Windows applications.

Unique strengths include
- the engine approach which e-records enables applications without installing a desktop records management application.
- Recordkeeping Methods Modeling (RMM) for easy adoption across business models or geographic specific methods -- unlike traditional records management applications (RMAs) which generally have a fixed model and must be modified for unique recordkeeping methods. Also unlike most RMA's, the Records Manager engine does not store or extract records from the host business application. It applies retention and disposition rules to the documents within the host business application's repository, ensuring the security of the document is not disturbed.
- localization which allows the look and feel of the Web Administration Client to be modified without any programming. Simplified customization allows easy inclusion of custom extensions such as customer specific error messages.
- the Web-based design.
- design for large-scale implementation.
- suitability for software vendors who may seek US DoD 5015.2 certification for their application software. By embedding DB2 Records Manager into their business software, a software product maker can achieve certification to the 5015.2 standard or their own proprietary standard.
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IBM® FileNet® Content Manager is the core content management solution for the FileNet P8 platform.
It combines powerful document management with ready-to-use workflow and process capabilities to automate and drive your content-related tasks and activities.
- FileNet Content Manager provides the content, security and storage management engine for FileNet P8. It also includes functions for Agile ECM and Business Content Services
- Content anywhere, enabled by the Content Federation Services feature, means that customers can choose to manage content in-place, postpone or avoid costly content migrations yet still standardize on P8.
- Active content means that actions associated with content can trigger pre-defined actions and enable automation.
- Enterprise compliance management leverages core FileNet Content Manager capabilities such as document versioning, content security and lifecycle management.
- A pervasive and persuasive user experience is supported by WorkPlace XT, an out-of-the-box user interface designed for the business user. FileNet Content Manager also supports portals, integration with collaboration tools, integration with Office 2007 and more
- FileNet Content Manager Starter Pack will enable customers to more cost-effectively implement ECM solutions. This full-featured ECM product provides companies with out-of-the-box enterprise capabilities in tiered user license configurations for smaller and departmental deployments.
- DITA support speeds and simplifies the creation of technical publications. Content is componentized, enabling it to be created once, and published multiple times, rendered in different media formats (printed documents, web pages, help files, etc).
- FileNet Content Manager V4.5.1 includes limited use licenses for WebSphere Application Server Base Edition and DB2 Workgroup Server Edition database software. V4.5.1 significantly improves installation, configuration and usability. See the announcement letter for details.
- FileNet Content Manager supports zLinux and z/OS. System Dashboard for Enterprise Content Management (formerly called P8 System Manager) is also supported
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IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, V6.1 is the foundation of the IBM WebSphere software platform, and a key building block for a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). As the premier Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE™) and Web services application platform, WebSphere Application Server V6.1 delivers a high performance transaction engine that can help you build, run, integrate and manage dynamic, On Demand Business™ applications.

As the core configuration of the WebSphere Application Server family, WebSphere Application Server is optimized to ease administration in a scalable, single-server deployment environment. This configuration is recommended for organizations that need to build and deploy stand-alone, departmental applications and Web services, but don't require failure bypass or workload-distribution options. WebSphere Application Server supports an unparalleled range of platforms and can be deployed on servers of any size. New and enhanced features deliver the flexible, open, resilient application infrastructure you need for an SOA:

Simple, rapid development and deployment WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 helps you improve time to value and make the most of existing technology skills, with easy-to-use features designed to get you to production quickly.

- Get up and running quickly and easily. WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 delivers a range of features to help ensure fast and smooth start-up, such as single-step installation and configuration, wizards and default configurations, and easy to navigate documentation that includes extensive use of sample code.
- Minimize development cycle time. WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 offers features to help you maximize skills, assets and time, including pre-built functions for use within Web User Interfaces and an improved Application Server Toolkit with new automation tools, basic assembly tools for creating new Web applications, Web services and portlets, and a comprehensive unit test environment.
- Easy to use and deploy. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 helps simplify the deployment experience via the rapid deployment feature and enhancements such as install by non-root/non-administrator users. Significant improvements in developer productivity can be gained from IBM's implementation of J2SE™ 5 and tight integration with IBM Rational® tools.

A Secure, Scalable, Highly Available SOA Runtime Environment
WebSphere Application Server V6.1 provides a secure, scalable and reliable environment for your applications and services to execute in. Using the scaling abilities and resilient security features of WebSphere Application Server can help businesses do more work with less resources.

- Rest assured, applications and data are secure from attack. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 delivers an open standards-based security infrastructure that will remove vulnerable threats while maximizing developer productivity. Out-of-the-box security configurations and user registry, compliance with government standards, and stringent Web services security give ultimate peace-of-mind.
- Run your applications where it makes sense for you. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 supports the broadest range of platforms in the industry, helping provide assurance that your applications can be built to run on the platform that most makes sense for your business.
- Keep pace with a constantly changing environment. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 delivers unbeatable performance that will drive high throughput and scalability with JDK 5 enhancements and improved cache off-loading.
- Expand in response to evolving business needs. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 provides a flexible deployment environment that enables your business to grow at the pace and cost structure required.

Extensive Communication Services
WebSphere Application Server V6.1 helps you improve the flexibility of your business and increase return on investment by making your application services more reusable and accessible to new users, in new ways.

- Compelling new ways to interact. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) servlets to offer standardized support for interactive user sessions that involve real-time multimedia elements such as voice, video, instant messaging and online games.
- Re-use existing assets and extend their reach. WebSphere Application Server V6.1 delivers extensive Web services support and a powerful Java Messaging Service (JMS) engine to help you extend the reach of your existing applications and maximize asset utilization. New Web services standards, including WS-Business Activity, WS-Notification and WS-I Basic Security Profile, help you more securely extend your reach, and give better application portability and control.
- Extend services to the most heterogeneous environments. WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 interoperates seamlessly with WebSphere MQ and is tightly integrated with WebSphere ESB. As a result, you can combine these products to form a powerful Enterprise Service Bus that can integrate the most diverse applications and environments.

Effective application management
WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 empowers you to direct your IT budget at beating competitors to market and not at maintaining existing infrastructure. Reduce the costs of managing your environment, with effective, easy-to-use management tools.

- Simple Administration and Maintenance. WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 provides features to maximize the efficiency of managing the deployment environment with a new console command assistant, easier security configuration and database connectivity, wizards and a stand-alone thin administration client.
- Effective ecosystem for self-help and guidance. WebSphere Application Server, V6.1 offers extensive documentation, education and self-help tools like the IBM Support Assistant, as well as a skilled and accessible partner and user community to help you.
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IBM WebSphere® MQ Workflow V3.5 supports the following key capabilities and benefits:
- Cost reduction: Enables increased efficiencies through automation involving systems and people
- Competitive differentiation: Provides process-level differentiation
- Real-time information: Delivers information for business activity monitoring and service-level management in real-time
- Business-managed IT solutions: Keeps process execution synchronized with changing business needs
- Support for human interaction: Allows easier ability to control and contribute to workflows
- Coordinated teamwork: Enables the management of work and information flows within and beyond team members
- Workflow portals: Integrate workflow clients with user application content from multiple sources
- Robust environment: Provides robust, mature, transactional environment based on IBM WebSphere MQ assured delivery
- Scalable architecture: Supports fluctuations in demand and business growth
- JSP forms wizard: Enables rapid deployment of new processes, Generates JSP forms for human interaction, Plug-in to WebSphere Studio tools

WebSphere MQ Workflow runs on:
- AIX®
- OS/390®
- Solaris
- Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003
- z/OS®
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