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OpenText Captiva Advanced Recognition automatically recognizes large amounts of paper documents, captures the data, and delivers the information to the right systems, processes, and people. It enables businesses to identify all kinds of documents using intelligent recognition technologies, and automatically capture machine- and hand- printed data using optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), and barcode recognition.Captiva Advanced Recognition replaces manual, error-prone, and expensive document-sorting and data-entry processes with automatic document recognition and data capture, which helps to minimize risk, reduce costs, and boost productivity.Captiva Advanced Recognition delivers:
  • Intelligent document recognition – Recognize all types of documents, so you can replace expensive manual document-sorting steps.
  • Automatic document learning – Intelligently learn documents in production, streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of a capture project.
  • Intelligent data capture – Reduce manual data entry and accelerate processes.
  • Business rules and validation – Establish business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data, reduce errors, and handle exceptions.
  • Handwritten document processing – Recognize handwritten documents like correspondence and route them to the appropriate departments for processing.
  • Data capture from tables – Automate the capture of data from tables including invoices.
  • Check reading – Automate the capture of data from personal and business checks, reducing manual data entry and accelerating critical business processes.
  • Multiple recognition technologies – Recognize machine- and hand-printed data automatically in over 130 different languages to minimize data entry and errors.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender electronically stores, organizes, and manages virtually any kind of business content. ApplicationXtender is easy to implement, integrate, and manage, providing instant, role-based access to content from either a desktop interface or web browser.

As a result, you gain better decision-making, improved services levels, and increased productivity. Based on an easy-to-use Microsoft® Windows/.NET-optimized system, ApplicationXtender integrates document imaging, report management, workflow, and document management services.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Image Capture enables fast, efficient scanning, including both high-speed batch scans and configurable queue processing. Feature-rich yet easy to use, ApplicationXtender Image Capture makes possible large-volume image acquisition and indexing. Seamlessly integrated with OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender, it’s a key component of a complete, high-volume document capture solution.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Integration Module allows you to integrate any business application with OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender—without programming. ApplicationXtender Integration Module’s revolutionary image-enabling technology helps you maximize investments in your existing line-of-business (LOB) applications.

With ApplicationXtender Integration Module, employees can access information quickly and easily, empowering their decisions and customer service activities. This allows them to deliver higher levels of quality and service than ever before.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Media Distribution enables you to distribute ApplicationXtender content via CD to third parties, whether or not they use ApplicationXtender. ApplicationXtender Media Distribution can also be used for internal distribution when web access is not possible—or simply to take a snapshot of content at a given moment for archival purposes.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. Able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional COLD text formats, ApplicationXtender Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film, and microfiche.

ApplicationXtender Reports Management maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replication in PDF format. It also provides a powerful data extraction tool for intelligent parsing and indexing of reports.
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OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow provides automated workflow management for information and documents residing in OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender. With ApplicationXtender Workflow, users can collaborate on work with easy access to workflows (via desktop of web clients) as well as to visual process maps that define how work gets done.

In addition, OpenText Documentum ApplicationXtender Workflow for Accounts Payable is a pre-packaged solution that provides complete management of AP documents while automating the routing of routine AP documents.
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OpenText Captiva Capture enables organizations to capture documents and data from paper, electronic files, and other sources, transforming it into digital content and delivering it into content management systems and business processes. By helping businesses reduce manual paper handling steps, Captiva Capture minimizes processing errors, improves data accuracy, and accelerates business processes by making information instantly available in content repositories like EM Documentum, OpenText ApplicationXtender, and Microsoft SharePoint.With Captiva Capture, businesses can leverage a proven enterprise document capture platform that scales to handle a few thousand documents or several million documents per day, allowing businesses to meet their future business growth.Captiva Capture delivers:
  • Device integration – Capture documents from hundreds of scanners, multi-function devices, fax, email, and other digital sources.
  • Image quality checks – Enhance image quality for better accuracy.
  • Document identification – Increase productivity by automatically identifying scanned documents based on barcodes, patch codes, or separator sheets.
  • Data capture – Reduce manual data entry by automatically capturing machine-printed text and bar codes.
  • Business system integration – Automatically deliver documents and data into content management systems, workflow processes, and databases.
  • Data validation – Set business rules to ensure the accuracy of captured data and to reduce errors.
  • High volume capture – Scale from thousands to millions of document images captured per day.
  • Unified designer – Develop, test, and deploy capture projects quickly using the point-and-click setup and configuration.
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The Mobile Capture SDK provides on-device image capture and clean-up functionality for iOS, Android, Cordova and other mobile platforms. This provides developers with the ability to process images from all leading mobile devices. Accelerate business processes and eliminate the need for corrections by enhancing and optimizing images. Benefits include:
  • Improve recognition quality through on-device image enhancemen
  • Intuitive user experience by providing developers access to all device features
  • Speed development time-to-market, improving application readiness
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OpenText Captiva Web Client supports a new distributed capture client solution that works with OpenText Captiva Capture, enabling web-based remote document and data capture that can seamlessly be integrated into enterprise content management systems, business applications, and back office processes. The OpenText Captiva Web Client incorporates the latest capture technologies and REST services available in the market today. It does not require any additional software plug-in downloads to run. The OpenText Captiva Web Client is web browser agnostic and supports HTML5 across all commonly used browser platforms. It fully leverages all supported Captiva document types, incorporates Captiva real-time REST services, and developed based on the OpenText Captiva Cloud Toolkit product.
  • Remote scanning/remote indexing - Deploy and maintain web-based clients to easily scan, import, and index paper or electronic documents
  • Simple and efficient web user interface - Enable users to acquire and view images, in color and black and white, from a document scanner, multi-function peripheral (MFP) device, network scanner, or a file system
  • Scanner/peripherals support - Easily capture images with desktop scanners, multifunction peripherals (MFPs), and other capture devices
  • Client side validations - Supports simple client-side for range checking using the metadata coming from the document type definitions
  • Server -side validations - Supports all validation rules functionality available in Desktop to include SQL and DQL look-up capability (but no other scripting)
  • Supports latest web standards - Leverages the latest web standards of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in combination with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that provides encrypted communication and secure identification to a network web server
  • Supports REST services - Embeddable real-time REST services are incorporated and can be used for image enhancement, barcode recognition, full page OCR, classification, extraction, and to obtain validation results, to name a few
  • Real time advanced recognition at scan time - Supports OpenText Captiva REST elastic architecture for real-time response
  • Launch capture from a business application - Easily launch the browser-based web client scan/capture capability from any business application via a new browser window and return back to the original business application that launched the scan/capture client when done
  • Language support - Fully localized and provides language support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese
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OpenText Captiva Cloud Toolkit is a software developer kit (SDK) comprised of modules that help web application developers to quickly add scanning and imaging functionality directly to their web-based business applications. Captiva Cloud Toolkit is ideal for document capture vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises that want to create custom web-based applications that are fully scan-enabled complimenting their business solution offerings.Using the Captiva Cloud Toolkit, developers can quickly create a working scan-enabled web-based business application in as little as one week. As a result, time to market is shortened and development, testing, and support costs are greatly reduced. Also, the enterprise's return on investment is quickly achieved and its ability to compete in an increasingly competitive distributed document capture market is accelerated.OpenText Captiva Cloud Toolkit delivers:
  • Scanning — Leverages the power of ISIS and allows access to basic and advanced scanner features; also provides connectivity to TWAIN-based devices.
  • No ActiveX plug-ins — No ActiveX plug-ins required on the document scanner workstation.
  • Cross-browser support — Support for popular browser platforms like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Web development platform support — Support for web development platforms like Silverlight, JavaScript, and Flash.
  • Web-services enabled — Provided with web services application programming interfaces (APIs) for accessing and controlling the document scanner features.
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mPower is a work management framework that ensures core business processes are aligned with enterprise objectives by seamlessly linking people, systems and content. emPower delivers maximum utility and ROI by enabling organizations to protect investments in legacy systems through integration, increase productivity with intelligent process infrastructures, and connect the right people and systems to the right content, at the right time.

Suite Components

Enables organizations to develop, manage, and monitor all of their workflows, as well as integrate their line of business applications within a single environment. By combining a user-friendly drag-and-drop workflow design tool with a robust API toolkit. The workflow component is a tool that both business users and IT professionals can use to automate business processes and track work as it moves through the organization - ensuring that the right work gets to the right person at the right time.

Helps businesses take control of content through the capture, approval, indexing, publishing, storage, and search of multiple content formats, including: Microsoft® Office documents, HTML/XML, Forms, Audio/Video files, Correspondence, Email, Graphics/Images, Greenbar reports/COLD, CAD files, and PDF files.

The forms component is the most efficient solution for paperless information capture and processing by providing organizations with the ability to design, deploy, and process electronic forms.

Content Capture:
Capture components fit in between the information source and the business application enabling work management solutions to work faster and at lower cost by efficiently capturing business content and improving the quality of the captured information.

Provides organizations with a tool for applying formal records management policies and practices to electronic and non-electronic documents critical to business processes.

Provides organizations with a tool for archiving and retrieving high-volume, computer-generated reports and making them available for use in business processes.
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OpenText Imaging for Windows® transforms paper documents into electronic documents that you can view, edit, OCR, distribute via e-mail, post to and download from the Internet. Imaging for Windows provides industry-standard imaging included with Microsoft® Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

For Windows XP users seeking the familiar Imaging for Windows capabilities and for developers who have used the OCX controls to integrate imaging functionality within applications, OpenText Imaging for Windows is for you.

OpenText Imaging for Windows makes it easy for you to find, print, photocopy and distribute paper-based documents. Desktop scanning replaces manual data entry; annotation does away with paper memos and stick-on notes and replaces endless photocopying and distribution.

OpenText Imaging for Windows includes Flow, a feature that automates the entire process of scanning, enhancing, converting, routing, indexing and storing documents, faxes and network images with a single mouse click.
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The Input Management Console content management software provides browser-based analysis, reporting and trend results to actively monitor the overall performance of not only Captiva products such as InputAccel, InputAccel for Invoices, eInput and the Digital Mailroom, but also for enterprise content management solutions such as OpenText Documentum and IBM Content Manager.

Captiva’s IMC software provides crucial diagnostic information to identify and resolve problems quickly. The IMC dashboard offers accurate, real time status of business applications, including document capture, content management, and document management and ECM environments, to help monitor application service levels and performance trends.
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OpenText Captiva Invoice Capture transforms paper invoices into digital images, automatically capturing, validating, and delivering the invoice data into workflow process, content management, and ERP systems.By automating the capture and validation of invoices, organizations reduce processing times, streamline the approval process, and shorten invoice-retrieval times to seconds. Businesses gain better visibility into the overall accounts payable process, and can take advantage of early payment discounts for significant cost savings.Captiva Invoice Capture delivers:
  • Invoice data capture – Reduce manual data entry by automatically recognizing invoice data including line item details.
  • Vendor invoice identification – Improve productivity by recognizing vendor invoices easily, without pre-sorting or manual steps.
  • Business rules and validation – Validate purchase order and invoice data accurately using hundreds of built-in business rules.
  • Automatic document learning – Intelligently learn new vendor invoice documents in production, streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of an invoice capture project.
  • Integration with SAP – Deliver captured invoice data directly into SAP.
  • Single, multi-page invoices – Handle single and multi-page invoices without manual processing steps.
  • Exception handling – Route problem invoices to queue for quick problem resolution.
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OpenText Captiva ISIS Driver (Image and Scanner Interface Specification) is the industry standard enterprise-level scanner driver interface that unites scanners with software applications. More than 300 different scanners currently communicate to applications through the ISIS driver interface. ISIS allows scanners to run at their rated speeds or higher and is the only imaging solution that allows users to take full advantage of the power inherent in their scanners and other imaging machines.

The ISIS architecture is based on modules—software components that perform specific imaging functions (e.g., image acquisition, file conversion, data extraction and file read/write commands). This architecture allows new modules to be added without making system-wide changes: simply add what you need where it’s needed.

ISIS for Developers: By using ISIS toolkits, Developers realize a variety of benefits including:

Compatibility — ISIS drivers are available for more than 300 scanner models and support all hardware interfaces, including USB, SCSI, FireWire and more. ISIS has been the basis for the AIIM MS61 standard since 1996. All scanner manufacturers are guaranteed compatibility with hundreds of commercial ISIS applications. Software developers are guaranteed compatibility with hundreds of document scanners from 50 different manufacturers.

Reduced Development Time — Development time can be significantly reduced with ISIS toolkits, which include scanner drivers, read/write modules, data transport/format conversion modules and an on-screen document viewer. With ISIS, the basic functions of imaging are already clearly defined, implemented, and thoroughly tested, making ISIS driver applications faster and easier to execute.

Reduced Support Costs — The code upon which ISIS is based has been used and refined for more than ten years. ISIS-enabled toolkits and scanners reduce risk for developers and scanner manufacturers, as they have been subjected to a rigorous, time-proven testing procedure.
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Keyfile is a comprehensive software solution for document management that offers document tracking, management, organization, version control, and more. Keyfile is comprised of a 3-tier architecture. The Keyfile client, known as the Workspace, provides a user friendly look and feel of a Windows desktop or of a Web browser depending on the users preference. The Keyfile Internet Information Server Extension (KFIIS) for the Windows Internet Information Server allows access to Keyfile Documents over the Internet via HTTP. The Keyfile Document Server (KDS), an object database, quickly serves and stores critical documents and reliably implements your business process.

Businesses that respond to complex proposal requests or have significant engineering development efforts can use Keyfile as an integral part of the document revision process. Keyfile can manage the revision history of proposals, track technical revisions to drawings and specification, and manage configuration control, facilitating ISO 9000 compliance for example.

Government organizations can use Keyfile to manage their civil or municipal documents; they can even manage amendments in federal legislation. The system can manage all correspondence regarding the legislation and verify who amended what, and when.

Financial services organizations such as banks and insurance companies can use Keyfile to maintain customer records in an easily retrievable system, even when the documentation exists in different formats.

In the case of auto insurance companies, the documentation concerning an accident is stored in the customer's file. Keyfile allows insurance companies to store scanned photos of damaged autos, insurance forms, and faxed reports of the accident and insurance estimates in an easy-to-manage, easy-to-retrieve, on-line filing system.
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Keyflow software is a comprehensive business tool that streamlines and automates an organization's mission-critical business processes, regardless of complexity. It can be deployed in a single department, across an enterprise, or in business-to-business environments to speed decisions, increase productivity, and maximize efficiency without compromising flexibility.

Business Uses
Many healthcare providers today have multiple offices with significant investments in infrastructure and applications. By implementing Keyflow in a well-established environment, such as Microsoft Exchange and/or a Microsoft SQL infrastructure, healthcare providers can route and track information associated with a patient quickly and easily.

Business-to-business transactions can achieve maximum efficiencies when Keyflow brings separate companies together with integrated forms and communications. When a manufacturer needs raw materials to produce goods, a pre-defined workflow can generate an order, assign a requisition number, check supplier inventories, and alert the receiving department - all without lifting a phone or visiting the mailroom.

Eliminate Failure
Employee turnover, vacations, mail that arrives late, and tasks that are completed late or not at all, stand in the way of carrying out many office functions. Automated workflows bring speed, accuracy, and consistency to processes that traditionally have multiple points of failure. Keyflow can successfully replace error prone processes with a smooth operating workflow that saves time and money.
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KoVIS is the document management solution for any size organization - from a single PC to an entire enterprise, and was developed from worldwide market research and feedback from hundreds of customers.

Empower your Desktop
KoVIS has an easy-to-use interface that provides quick access to documents regardless of their media of storage. The KoVIS user has the capability to organize retrieved documents and distribute them as print, fax, e-mail, routed internal folder or delivered external folder (see description of "folder" in Folder Management below).

KoVIS has a batch scanning sub-system for high-volume scanning and an on-line scanning capability for low-volume or distributed scanning. KoVIS is also compatible with most 3rd party capture systems you may already be using. The data entry interface is designed for a production workload and has the ability to receive OCR, ICR, or barcode indexing information. These interfaces combined with the KoVIS database interface tool for merging existing customer data, can minimize or eliminate manual document indexing.

Leverage your existing technology. and knowledge
Your existing LAN/WAN environment will satisfy most of the KoVIS hardware and software requirements. The client/server architecture of KoVIS utilizes the power of today's Microsoft Server technology while providing an easy installation for workstations using Microsoft Windows clients. The open design allows support for most popular database packages including native connection to Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE along with an ODBC interface.

If you use Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, KoVIS comes pre-integrated for these e-mail packages for document distribution. Written with Microsoft standards in mind, users familiar with today's Windows environment will quickly master the capabilities of KoVIS. Administrators will find the management tools intuitive.
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OpenText Captiva® PixTools® suite of Software Developer Kits (SDKs) allows developers to create custom document capture applications or integrate document imaging capabilities into existing applications easily. PixTools is built within the ISIS architecture which provides unparalleled application-to-scanner compatibility. These scanning and image processing SDKs enable applications to communicate with more than 300 scanners without the need for any additional document imaging software or hardware dongles (keys). Top-tier support is available for all toolkits and drivers.

Using PixTools, programmers will develop document capture applications quicker with reduced development costs, resulting in a shorter time to market for an increased ROI.

- PixTools SDKs include:
- PixTools/EZ
- PixTools/Scan
- PixTools/View
- PixTools/Image Processing
- PixTools/Distributed Imaging
- When bundled together, PixTools SDKs offer comprehensive scanning, viewing and image processing capabilities. OpenText Captiva recommends the following bundles:

PixTools/EZ & PixTools/Image Processing — Provides an easy entry into document capture management and meets most imaging processing application requirements.

PixTools/Scan & PixTools/View & PixTools/Image Processing — Ideal for developers that require complete low-level application control.

PixTools/Distributed Imaging — A complete stand alone imaging solution or can be used with other PixTools SDKs to integrate scanning and image processing with Web-based applications.
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QuickScan Pro is OpenText Captiva’s out-of-the-box document scanner software and imaging solution that provides all the necessary capabilities for high-speed scanning, image enhancement, OCR, viewing, annotation, printing, and storing images for both black-and-white and color pages. QuickScan Pro supports barcode and patchcode recognition for automatic document separation as well as advanced document scanner features such as MultiStream and Auto color detection.

QuickScan Pro is a standalone software product which can also be easily integrated into document management systems, serving as a “scan module,” which feeds scanned, enhanced images into the system.

QuickScan Pro has been tested and proven to be compatible with over 300 document scanners.
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OpenText Documentum Records Manager for ApplicationXtender enables you to declare, safeguard, and access records. Records Manager for ApplicationXtender also cost-effectively archives or destroys records according to system-enforced administrative, regulatory, or legal rules.

With Records Manager for ApplicationXtender, your organization can demonstrate compliance with regulations, defend internal policies and actions, and avoid legal, monetary, and procedural penalties. At the same time, you can protect your intellectual resources, reduce expenses, and preserve your corporate image.
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