Accounts Payable

Drive down costs on your "three-way match"

  • Imagine processing all your invoices the day they are received, no matter how many batches you handle each day.
  • Picture the benefits of recording the batch number and date received, identifying the vendor and capturing data from key invoice fields -- not manually, but automatically with a high-powered document scanner.
  • The top goals for Accounts Payable are automation and process efficiency.
  • Find out how this solution
  • Instantly links invoices to purchase orders and packing slips
  • Flags specific invoices and routes to a priority processing in-box
  • Reduces approval times
  • Eliminates mail distribution time
  • Avoids missing early payment discounts

Cutting Cost to Process a Vendor Payment

  • At a low level of automation in the AP department, the median cost to process an invoice runs around $10.
  • The cost drops by roughly 40% to $5.81 when moving to a medium level of automation and then drops by another 20% to $3 when moving to a high level of automation.
  • How much time does your AP team waste every day, locating and retrieving documents from file cabinets?

From a basic solution that quickly introduces images into your archiving system to a sophisticated system that can compare purchase orders to invoice line items, Image Access's solution for Accounts Payable can meet your needs today and grow with you as your needs expand

Never Miss a Discount Again

Early payment discounts are a sure way to minimize costs. But you can only take advantage of them if your AP team can expedite payment. Whether you process dozens or thousands of invoices each day, our Accounts Payable solution accelerates your workflow so you can make the most of vendor discounts. Using sophisticated data extraction technology, it identifies invoices so they can be quickly routed to the appropriate AP representative for immediate fulfillment.

Gain an Auditable Business Process

Image Access' Accounts Payable Solution helps you keep a record of your AP process. As each batch of invoices is scanned into the process, it is electronically date and time stamped, and the vendor and invoice date are automatically identified. This gives your ERP or archive systems the necessary information to recall any invoice when you need it.


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