Medical records are extremely sensitive and valuable, covered by many guidelines and much legislation, including HIPAA. The process of storing and sharing paperwork has become complicated. It's crucial to keep them safe, access them quickly and securely, share them appropriately, and guard their integrity. Image Access has assisted many healthcare concerns in achieving all these objectives.

Improve operation efficiency by better managing paper

  • Improve patient safety and services.
  • Reduce time and cost of records processing.
  • Minimize document storage requirements.
  • Process insurance papers and invoices for faster payment.
  • Enable better sharing of patient records between departments.
  • Increase information security.

Image Access Healthcare solution not only digitizes patient medical and insurance records, but also extracts valuable data, eliminating manual key entry and making digitized records and data available instantly and securely within your operations.

Image Access Solution for Healthcare

"The solution helps us keep our healthcare premiums affordable by simplifying information capture, processing and sharing among departments, and by streamlining our overall workflow. " has shown a valuable return on our investment." - Lynn Lonadier, Revenue Cycle Director, Kaiser Permanente-

  • Helps turn manual business processes into electronic document workflows.
  • Lets departments share patient records based on HIPAA regulations.
  • Maintains multi-format patient information in secure online locations.
  • Expedites billing cycles using fully digitized EOBs.
  • Improves patient relations by providing fast and accurate service.
  • Reduces costs due to courier, overnight mail, and long distance fax.