AI orchestrated capture allows for process automation to be achieved, by increasing accuracy, and delivering trusted content clarity to your organization.

ImageTrust makes it easier to leverage the latest AI technologies to solve your most challenging intelligent automation challenges. 

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Automatically categorize documents into pre-defined document classes. ImageTrust is able to detect the most subtle differences for distinguishing document types


Directly integrated with the most advanced OCR/ICR technologies to deliver high levels of extraction accuracy on the most diverse document sets, structured or unstructured. 


Delivers the most powerful HITL experience in the industry. Data entry screens that mirror your documents allow for simplified real-time validation.

ImageTrust supports physical and digital omni-channel content collection. From e-submissions and e-mail to mobile and physical scanners, ImageTrust can be integrated and optimized. ImageTrust works with any iOS or Android device, as well as any TWAIN/ISIS scanner to drive desktop devices to production-oriented devices (210 pages per minute) all through the web-browser. With ImageTrust large scanner fleets can be centrally managed, offering user authentication, job menus, and scan setting configuration controls, which maximize business efficiency. ImageTrust can also eliminate the need for scanner driver installs, by using onboard intelligence and connecting to the device via the web-browser for a true zero footprint scanning experience, that is hassle free.


Through AI orchestration, complete configuration around your content occurs, to determine if Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or a combination of them all, will deliver extraction accuracy that leads to increased automation. The ImageTrust platform provides intuitive access to AI through a manageable intuitive user interface that drives effortless employee efficiency, and allows your business to move at the pace of technology and faster than the competition.


The ImageTrust platform openly integrates with legacy ECM solutions as well as newer cloud-based offerings. The ImageTrust document intake and manipulation interface can also be embedded into any web-based workflow solution like Salesforce, Box, SharePoint, or even a custom client portal, delivering added intelligence when and where you need it.


 Digital documents containing sensitive information can be easily accessed by individuals in your organization. ImageTrust uses advanced classification techniques that allow you to find and manage sensitive data to prevent the unintentional release of this information. Our automatic redaction features eliminate individual oversight and guide the end user in real time for guaranteed redaction accuracy.

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Client & Employee Onboarding

Content Migration

Content Crawling

Accounts Payable Process Automation

Salesforce & Box Intelligent Intake

Claims Processing

Automatic Redaction

Document Digitization

Sales Order Processing

ImageTrust Automatic Document Translator

Powered by Azure

With ImageTrust v7, you can scan & import documents in a foreign language, and receive the English translation back in the original format. 

Translate Lenthy Documents

Seamlessly translate lengthy documents, there are no restrictions to the length of text.

Translate batch Documents

Easily scan batches of documents and enjoy the flexibility of asynchronous translation. 

Supported Languages

Translate Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDFs, and more into 70+ languages.

  • Seamless Translation Integration

    ImageTrust streamlines the translation process for business users, allowing them to effortlessly translate documents without the need for external tools or services, thereby enhancing productivity.

  • Cost-Efficiency

    By leveraging ImageTrust, businesses can avoid the costs associated with third-party translation services. This solution provides a cost-effective way to meet translation needs without compromising quality.

  • Time-Saving

    With instant access to translation capabilities within ImageTrust, users can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually transferring documents to external platforms for translation. This streamlined workflow accelerates the overall document management process.

  • Increased Security

    ImageTrust ensures that sensitive documents remain secure throughout the translation process. Users can translate confidential files without concerns about data privacy or unauthorized access.

  • Maintained Document Formatting

    Azure AI Translator preserves the original formatting of documents during translation, ensuring that business users receive accurate translations without sacrificing the layout or structure of their files.

  • Comprehensive Language Support

    Azure AI Translator provides extensive language support, enabling business users to translate documents into multiple languages to cater to diverse audiences and markets. This versatility ensures that businesses can effectively communicate with partners, clients, and stakeholders worldwide.

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