Our partner Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, has been at the forefront of digital workflow transformation for nearly four decades. Today, we stand alongside them as trusted global leaders in intelligent workflow automation, providing businesses with robust solutions to automate their most data-intensive workflows.

Software Solutions

Trusted Intelligent Automation

Our expertise and advanced technical skills leverage Tungsten’s robust portfolio of solutions to optimize business processes, enhance Accounts Payable and invoice workflows, and elevate document automation and security. Together Image Access Corp. and Tungsten can streamline business-critical processes and propel you forward in the digital age.

Let our team of Tungsten solution expert consultants and AI Re-Imagineers assist in extending the value of your Tungsten investment. 

Tungsten Total agility

TotalAgility Intelligent Automation Platform accelerates business processes with document intelligence, task automation and process orchestration.

  • Leverage

    Image Access's deep knowledge in designing and developing intricate capture and smart processes with TotalAgility for public and private market solutions.

  • utilize

    Image Access's Open AI Connector modules for intelligent document processing using cutting-edge Computer Vision technologies such as (Hyperscience, Google Vision, Amazon Textract, MS Azure and more.

  • capture

    Image Access's Open AI Connector modules for intelligent document processing using cutting-edge Computer Vision technologies such as (Hyperscience, Google Vision, Amazon Textract, MS Azure and more.

  • engage

    Image Access professionals to migrate your Intelligent Capture environments to the cloud.

Robotic Process Automation

Tungsten RPA technology enables you to automate labor-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources with no coding.

  • Automate

    manual and repetitive processes in order to free up your staff and increase business process efficiencies.

  • grow

    your business and customer retention by leveraging robots which don’t sleep, and will work overtime to ensure your customers’ needs are met.

  • connect

    to modern and legacy systems to allow for a more federated view of your data and your decision process making, which organically decreases manual errors​.

  • engage

    Image Access professionals to help you discover low efficiency processes and work with you to design and deploy highly efficient digital workflows.

Tungsten Capture

Tungsten Capture processes and integrates content capture directly into your critical business workflows and systems from any location. Scan, capture and index structured and unstructured documents to achieve faster ROI.

  • transform

    your documents into intelligent and actionable information, allow you to streamline business processes and eliminate manual business data entry processes.

  • utilize

    Image Access’ Open AI Connector modules for intelligent document processing using cutting edge Computer Vision technologies such as (Hyperscience, Google Vision, Amazon Textract, MS Azure and more).

  • secure

    your sensitive customer data by only providing control over how and who your data is distributed to. In turn you will improve data quality and lower operation costs.

  • engage

    Image Access professionals to help you automated your document and data capture flows by providing Intelligent Automation best practices in order to transform your business.

Tungsten insight

Insight delivers advanced enterprise analytics software to monitor, analyze and optimize your operational business processes.

  • see

    your data and processes in action, in real-time, allowing you to better visualize your data flow and quickly adapt to rapid changes in your business environment.

  • analyze

    user and automated process efficiency, where you can plan for training opportunities, fine tuning, or scaling to meet growing business demands.

  • integrate

    with any Tungsten solution as well as 3rd party data sources, optimizing data discovery through rich browser based, and code-free UI tools.

  • engage

    Image Access professionals to help you deploy and customize your visualization and reporting needs, ensuring you see what’s most important to you and get the most of out your data and digital transformation solutions.

AP Essentials

Invoice processing automation software from Tungsten Automation. Automatically capture, understand, validate and approve invoices from any source. Lower costs and reduce invoice processing time.

  • move

    your invoice capture to a cloud-based solution, allowing lower operational costs, increasing the overall speed of value for your AP invoice intake process.

  • integrate

    with a comprehensive list of ERP and P2P solutions.

  • see

    your data and processes in action, in real-time, allowing you to take pro-active action on and provide feedback to optimize and increase efficiencies on processing your invoices.

  • engage

    Image Access professionals to help you review the different invoice capture offerings, and tailor fit the one that works best for you, your growth spectrum and the ERP and P2P solutions you’ve adopted.

ImageTrust Open AI Connector for Tungsten Automation

Our team leverages the latest in CV, ML and NLU technologies to achieve unheard of levels of data accuracy and process automation. 

We achieve this by deploying pre-built solutions and our ImageTrust AI connector that allows us to achieve rapid project success with minimal disruption to the business stakeholders. 

key features

Can be used with a "machine-only" or "Supervision" workflow.

Designed to allow for maximum throughput by pushing documents and pulling results asynchronously.

Fully scalable to handle high volume automation solutions.

Highly configurable to allow for independent mapping of batch and document data for common layouts.

Provide real-time transcription of handwritten documents with leading ComputerVision (CV) technology.

Supported with Tungsten products such as Capture, TotalAgility, and RPA. 

Configuration options provide heartbeat check-in's that ensure limited time outs and no extended waiting periods for larger documents.

Uses task restrictions to ensure users and groups only access the transactions they are responsible for.

Pre-built integrations with all major Computer Vision and Machine Learning platforms such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Magellan, Hyperscience and more.

Custom Integrations

Built By our Engineers

Custom Import Converter for Tungsten Capture and TotalAgility

Importing documents into Tungsten can be tricky, especially when transforming information from different formats and proprietary systems.

When a major Financial Services customer approached us, they inquired about our ability to import documents from various banking systems. In response, our Consulting team devised a solution capable of reading from multiple input endpoints, accepting both data payloads and corresponding images, and subsequently transforming and ingesting them into Tungsten through the Import Connector interface.

Used by Banks, Insurance, Government, Transportation, Healthcare, and others, the combination of ImageTrust and Tungsten is unparalleled in today’s Intelligent Capture market.


Cost Savings

increased automation

Custom Copy & Print Modules with Tungsten Capture

When scanning and importing into a Capture system, you may ask, “Why would I want to copy and print the documents I just scanned or imported?” 

When approached by a State Archives customer who needed to ensure that certain documents were included with other documents in both electronic and hardcopy, we were able to answer the call. The solution was to develop a custom module which integrated into the Tungsten Scan and QC modules, therefore allowing the end user to create a copy or print any image/document/folder/batch element.

Our integration of ImageTrust & Tungsten to provide intelligent capture solutions is used by Government & Public Sector, Insurance, Transportation and Healthcare industries.

time savings
added functionality

ImageTrust integration with Tungsten Capture and TotalAgility

Distributed Capture is not a new or novel concept. Companies have long been geographically segmented to serve their customer base and markets.

The cost to send documents, which includes risk of loss, to a central location has always been a challenge.  Customers need a simple way to process these distributed transactions, without the need for heavy software and complexity.  ImageTrust has allowed organizations to step up their distributed capture game by providing a seamless browser-based approach for Capture, including a direct integration into Tungsten for downstream processing.  

The ImageTrust integration is used across all verticals such as Banks, Insurance, Government, Transportation and Healthcare. 

End User Experience

reduce maintenance costs

increased productivity

Automated annotation with Tungsten TotalAgility

What if you required some way to prove a document was reviewed, approved, etc, but had to do this all through digital, and without any signature capabilities?

When a Food and Beverage distributor customer using TotalAgility requested assistance in printing on images upon invoice approval, Image Access provided a configurable solution. Leveraging our consulting team’s expertise and deep knowledge of development and the TotalAgility toolkit, we delivered real-time capture approval and annotation, including manager signatures, dates, and other data elements directly onto invoices before exporting to ERP and content storage.

Used by Transportation & Logistics, Financial Services, BPO’s and others, the combination of ImageTrust and Tungsten is unparalleled in today’s Intelligent Capture market.

increased compliance
reduced fines
increase security

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