Salesforce, Inc. is a CRM cloud-based software company. It provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. 

We leverage our ImageTrust platform to help clients modernize legacy case management, claims management, and eligibility systems through content clarity, coordination, and compliance.

A Seamless Integration

ImageTrust for

ImageTrust can drive any TWAIN/ISIS document scanner, enable drag ‘n‚Äô drop, watch for e-mails, e-submissions, and more.¬† Once collected, users can leverage AI orchestration to automatically extract and attach values to a Salesforce record, allowing content to be routed to the appropriate user groups.¬†

Content Collection

Frictionless content capture and indexing

content routing

Automate content-centric business processes


Enterprise-class integrations to all leading content services platforms 


Easily scalable enterprise-content capture & management

Strong Encryption

Data encrypted in transit and at rest

Open Intelligence

Open AI for guaranteed extraction accuracy 

Content Collection from Anywhere

This added content intelligence also allows for the proactive identification of missing materials. Users can actively manipulate and manage content further while working directly within a Salesforce record through the ImageTrust viewer, which offers point and click controls for organization, annotations, and more.

With ImageTrust, instant access to information is achieved, content retention policies are set, and case related content chaos is avoided.

Embedded Intake

Embedded Document AI

Automatic Redaction

Content Migration

Data Extraction

Traditional ECM Integrations

What about Compliance?

ImageTrust allows end users to find and manage sensitive data amongst their Salesforce files and attachments. Real time identification of PII/PHI is critical to preventing the unintentional release of sensitive information.

Once sensitive data is automatically identified, ImageTrust can prompt the users to review and remove. ImageTrust is highly configurable and can be set up with pre-defined search patterns to ensure continued content compliance for your organization

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