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Financial Services

Our solutions are tailored to optimize your financial workflows, including data entry, risk analysis, compliance checks, and reporting, enabling you to achieve organizational excellence and profitability.


Leveraging the latest AI technologies, we have the ability to process medical claims such as CMS1500, UB04, dental and other forms in an automated process, eliminating most of the manual tasks required by legacy capture solutions.
Contact us to learn why many healthcare companies are increasingly incorporating AI into their processes to increase productivity and provide better care to their patients.

Transportation & Logistics

Our advanced AI engines can revolutionize your operations by seamlessly extracting critical data from Bills of Lading, eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly streamlining your payment processing. Using our mobile solutions will empower your carriers to effortlessly capture essential documents at the time of delivery.


Insurance claims processing used to be challenging due to the various forms associated with each claim type. Our cutting-edge AI technologies have transformed the data-entry process of these claims and enable insurance providers to focus on new customer acquisition, while increasing their margins and profitability.

Government / Public Sector

Federal, State and Local agencies seek to enhance citizen experiences. The advancements of AI have enabled automation of front-end process in the document capture industry, such as SNAP in Health Services Departments, Read ID and fraud detection for DMV's, and redaction/subpoena requests. These achievements were considered implausible, until now.


Retail organizations handle various types of content for different departments, such as AP (invoices/orders/receipts) and Human Resources (employee documents/resumes). The conventional technologies necessitated training and scripting for data extraction. Our AI extraction solutions, on the other hand, eliminate the need for training and offer outstanding out-of-the-box results with minimal configuration.

Business Process Outsources

BPO organizations are adopting our AI based classification and extraction technologies to reduce manual tasks like document separation and data entry. As a result, they can offer their services at a reduced cost, resulting in a significant increase in new customer acquisition.


In the construction industry, many processes, including accounts payable and administration, involve handling diverse documents that require data extraction. Our web-based solutions empower remote sites to capture incoming content. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, we automate the extraction of necessary data with minimal manual intervention from end users. Additionally, we offer direct integrations with industry-leading ERP solutions like CMIC for simplified implementations.
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Digital Mail

Deliver dramatic improvements and achieve higher levels of mailroom operations with HITL interfaces, advanced ML models, and automatic separation and extraction.

Content Migration

Document migration from traditional on-prem vendors to cloud ECM providers leveraging our pre-built connectors.

Accounts Payable & Sales Order Processing

High accuracy data extraction without any template configurations by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology on the market.

Legal Processing - Subpoena/FOIA Requests

Several of the leading law firms in the country leverage our NLP-based solutions to automatically extract and redact data for faster processing and reduced manual errors.

Healthcare Claims Form Processing

Extract data from CMS1500 and UB-04 forms accurately, eliminating manual data entry while increasing productivity.

Department of Motor Vehicle

Multiple state DMVs leverage our solutions to securely capture content from remote offices and streamline the Real ID process with our fraud detection technologies.

Dept. of State Health & Human Services

Our solutions simplify how state and local agencies capture and process different forms (i.e. SNAP, TANF) by leveraging the most advanced OCR/ICR technologies (on-prem and cloud)

Morgtage Processing

With the latest AI technologies we have the ability to automatically classify mortgage documents with minimum manual intervention.

Content Crawling

Our solutions enable our customers to crawl existing content stored in an ECM solution (cloud or on-prem) and automatically assign the appropriate classification and/or metadata tagging.

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