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Empowering Remote Teams with ImageTrust’s Intuitive Web-Based Capture


inefficient manual processes

Since 2010, Precision Medical Products (PMP) has been helping patients recover from surgery through the use of innovative and cutting-edge products, programs, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prevention techniques.  

PMP’s accelerated growth led to the increased need for an automated solution that could eliminate manual content centric processes, handle diverse documents and data types, and free up employee capacity to focus on customer needs. 








Automation for the enterprise

Image Access was brought in to create a modern process that was more reliable and would sustainably accelerate the sales order cycle.

The ImageTrust platform was leveraged to deliver a web-based intuitive capture interface to the remote sales team that would allow for the easy intake of content. Through the use of ImageTrust’s open architecture a variety of AI extraction technologies were tested before leveraging the one that offered the highest levels of automation. 

From there the documents were transformed into data before being exported into Box, while accurately populating key metadata templates.

After going through a rigorous process to completely understand requirements, document types, user and World Wide Lines of Business needs, Image Access Corp’s web based capture solution ImageTrust – was chosen as the capture platform.


faster deployment
time savings
extraction accuracy


Enterprise-level box integration

Elimination of manual keying

Web-based Capture

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Organizations continue to struggle to create a seamless distributed or centralized capture environment that eliminates manual intervention every step of the way, from intake to extraction, to feeding the desired ERP system. 

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