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Redefining Efficiency with ImageTrust’s Real-Time OCR and Streamlined Search Rules


Complex Processes for Subpoena Requests

Our client is one of the largest financial institutions in the world based out of New York City. Our client receives thousands of subpoena requests and providing a way to more efficiently process these requests has increased their productivity ten-fold.

Subpoenas are important legal documents that companies must pay great attention to. If PPI information on these documents are missed, punishment in the form of monetary sanctions can be imposed. It is therefore important to ensure a sound process is in place to handle these documents.








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By leveraging ImageTrust, our client eliminated all printing/paper-based manual tasks from their workflow. With ImageTrust, end users can quickly assemble all electronic content and easily find PII information (i.e. SSN, Credit Card#s…) that needs to be redacted by OCRing all non-text searchable content in real time and applying search rules that simplify the day-to-day work for all subpoena requests.

increased security
reduced fines
increased compliance


fast processing times

fast deployment of solution

Meets deadlines

automation of paper-based tasks

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